Thursday, April 20, 2006

Top things you deal with after finishing your first marathon

- The pumped up message that your marathon guide blares at you has you thinking you are a hero until it all comes crashing down when you look around to see the number of 60 year olds at the race.
- Finishing the marathon was not really a life changing event- the book lied.
- 26.3 miles and you wouldn't have finished.
- Hunched old women had finished their marathons ahead of you - walking.
- You gain back your pot belly in the first week of rest after the marathon.
- You don't want to run again ever. When you finally decide to go run- 3 miles is a chore again.
- Training for your second marathon is much tougher than the first. You find yourself in rooted in terra-firma this time around.
- You start off training for your 2nd by saying you will finish an hour faster. 3 days later you settle back to just finishing your 2nd. 1 month later you postpone the date to a later one.
- You write a blog about 'Things you deal with after finishing your first marathon"