Monday, September 19, 2005

Mr. Murphy

Just two more weeks before marathon day and Murphy’s Law strikes. Things have been downhill for a while. The high mileage weeks have incited a very persistent IT band syndrome and its one of those that won’t go away.

End of the day, I have to skip my 18 mile run. The longest run will have to be 16 and I’m definitely nervous about it. My morbid sense of humour says the two week taper down is pretty much meaningless- since any taper down will take me to inactivity.

In anycase, with the dark clouds that I managed to setup, there could be a silver lining. I have run 3 near 16 miles. I just haven’t run 18s…. so maybe things will be fine.

With this- I sign off for now. I will try to jot down my premarathon feelings as the two weeks chug along. But as of now, its taper down and I’m actually secretly happy.